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June 09, 2010

Our Social Networking Script is Here!

We call it, Sevilian© - Click here for a demo

You may demo it (use it for free) by visiting our demo site at http://demo.sevdev.com Feel free to join it and use it's features. We welcome suggestions to improve our script or our website. You may email the suggestions to us at contact@sevdev.com

It's features are
  • Combining the capabilities of blogs, forums and wikis into one thorough and complete solution.

  • Content sharing network

  • Social networking capabilities (private messaging is available but not shown in this demo)

  • Allow users to vote on posts, similar to Digg.com or Reddit.com however having a more forum like feel, with an ounce of Facebook like networking

  • Easy to scale and add features (customizable)

We provide a complete hosted solution.

Take it for a test drive at http://demo.sevdev.com

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