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  •   Web Design & Development

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    • Professional, Unique Design & Backend Engine
    • JQuery, Prototype, CSS 2.1, XHTML
    • ASP.NET (VBScript/C#), PHP, Python, Perl
    • Ruby On Rails & Django Frameworks

    A successful website requires an attractive and functional design which leaves the customer with a great first impression and an even greater subsequent impression caused by the efficiency and attraction created by our professional design and development team.

    At SevDev Web Solutions, we focus on the customer and the customer's needs. We understand your goals and will provide you with a web solution that perfectly matches your needs and imagination.

    We make sure you have the perfect solution that:

    • Attractively expresses your company or personal image on the web
    • Provides perfectly customized solutions that match your needs and expectations
    • Creatively addresses design and development of the user interface and layout
    Already have a website?

    We customize, re-design, and secure already existing websites. Whether you want to update your e-commerce website to be more user friendly, add a new feature, or you want to prevent credit card fraud by securing your web site, we will make sure you receive the best solution that fits your exact needs.

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